Minion Studios is comprised of a team of 4 developers.  Each of us is very passionate about gaming and decided to funnel that passion into game development.  We have been working on games together for about 2 years now on multiple platforms, including XNA, UDK, Flash, and now Unity3D.

    For details on using our games in videos on sites like Youtube and Twitch, see this page: http://minionstudios.com/permission/



    Bradley Erickson
    brad3 (2)

    I am a programmer and aspiring gameplay designer.  My past  programming experience is primarily building custom CMS web platforms.

    My favorite game right now is Ascension (tabletop deck building).


    Eric Lewis


    Sonny Mcknire

    Like Brad I have a background in programming and I.T.  I currently work as a Systems Analyst.  I enjoy games of all kinds but I particularly enjoy good horror games like Outlast, Call of Cthulhu and RPGs like Baluder’s Gate and Elder Scrolls.  My favorite game of all time is Ultima 7.