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  • Indie Speed Run 2013 Entry

    Brass Bastards Gameplay

    We entered the Indie Speed Run!  This is a 48 hour jam, which really taxed our team.  We had entered the two 72 hour jams before this, and missing those extra 24 hours made this a lot more difficult.    We got the themes of Industry and Oven Mitt.  Creating a oven-mitt factory management game didn’t seem exciting enough, so our team came together to create a very simple first person game set in a steam punk looking factory.  The goal of the game is to reach the last room and repair the factory’s main mechanisms.  Along the way you have to unlock doors by repairing them with cogs you pickup, as well as dodging/fighting the factory’s robot guardians, The Brass Bastards.

    We had a great time with this one.  Eric did an especially awesome job by pumping out so many assets!

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