What Remains

    A dark night. it’s the end of the roaring twenties and you just woke up with a headache. There’s blood and… something else here. What happened?

  • Brass Bastards Featured
    The Brass Bastards

    In this moving picture interaction game, you play as an oven-mitted protagonist facing hordes of underbaked and overly aggressive Steam robots with only a very larger spanner (‘wrench’ to you Unity enthusiasts) and a dapper demin shirt.

  • 10 Seconds of Night Featured
    10 Seconds of Night

    You are a werewolf. Your small village is in big trouble unless you can prevent yourself from killing everyone before the Ten Seconds of Night is over! Ten Seconds of Night is our submission for the 72-hour Ludum Dare 27 – the theme was simply “ten seconds”… We got a little ambitious for the time given and were unable to complete all of the features. It’s worth a play, though!

  • MHS Featured
    Minimalist Horror Story

    A frighteningly simple horror game. Minimalist Horror Story is an FPS adventure & survival game developed by Minion Studios as a part of the Ludum Dare 26, Minimalist Horror Story placed 7th in atmosphere.